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Please make sure to read the entire page for all pricing information.  Our prices are very reasonable and one of the most economical, but the total cost of dance classes is still something to think about before enrolling. 


Monthly Tuition - All tuition is paid for by the month, but recognize that when you sign up for classes we are assuming  that you are committed for the entire season (Sept - May).  If you decide not to continue classes, you will continue to be charged month after month unless you notify the receptionist.  All tuition is due the week of the month, or the first day of class of that month.  Please be advised that if you have not paid by the second week, your child may be asked to sit out of class until all tuition is caught up.


All our classes run the regular dance season which is similar to the school season of September through May.  (Classes start the first full week after Labor day, and end the last full week before Memorial day).


Regular/Recreational Classes:

  • 50 Minute Class - $60/dancer/month (entire season is 9 months - total of $540)

  • 25 Minute Class - $35/dancer/month (entire season is 9 months - total of $315)

  • 1/2 Hour Solo - $100/dancer/month (entire season is 9 months - total of $900)

  • 1/2 Hour Duo/Trio - $55/dancer/month (entire season is 9 months - total of $495)


Regular Class Costume Fee:

  • $75/dancer/class - your costume fee includes the costume they will wear at the Recital, tights, and any additional costume accessory pieces.  However it does not include shoes.

  • When your dancers signs up for class, it is assumed that she or he will be performing in recital, and therefore you will be asked to pay the costume fee.  However, your dancer does NOT need to perform in the Recital in order to take class, but please inform the receptionist that your dancer will not be doing recital by November 1, as all costume payments are due December 1.


  • Please note that one your dancer in enrolled in the class, you will owe for every month regardless of attendance, until you fill out a drop form and have it turned in and signed.  We have had many problems with this in the past of people trying to get out of paying for a month because they didn't bring their child to dance.  If there is a situation and your dancer has to quit and then return to dance, there will be a "re-registration fee" of $100 per dancer per class.


Other Fees and Things to Consider

  • Recital Tickets - $10 to $15 a ticket depending on the venue.  Each year the dance recital takes place in a local school auditorium, which must be rented and paid for along with the services provided by the school's staff.  Because of this, we have to have the ticket charge.

  • Dance Shoes - Your dancer must have proper dance shoes for each of their classes.  These shoes can range anywhere in price depending on the type of class you are taking.  We do have a box at the studio with used shoes for sale for cheap.  Otherwise see our FAQ page for a list of local dancewear stores.

  • Dance Clothes - We do not have a strict dress code policy for our dancers, but we do ask that they wear something that they can move around in, NO jeans, and also be conscious that dance requires a lot of movement, so if they are concerned about any skin showing (especially on the belly) they should wear a form fitting shirt or leotard.  There is nothing worse than a student who is not able to dance full out because they are afraid of their stomach showing.

  • Recital T-shirt - $25 - Tshirt displays recital year on the front and names of all participating Recital dancers on the back.  An example is shown below.

  • Family Recital Fee - $50 - This is a requirement for the dancer to be in the recital, but this charge is per family, not per dancer.  This includes the entire Recital Video and 1 Recital T-shirt.  There is an opportunity to buy additional shirts (for siblings or family members) later on. This $50 fee is also due December 1 of the current dance year.  


Competition Team Classes:

  • If your dancer is on the competition team, please go to the Competition Team page for pricing. 

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