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Expressions Dance Academy is owned and operated by Jennifer Clark and Kelly Rich

Our Mission:

Our mission at Expressions Dance Academy is to provide a fun, family atmosphere to promote the health activity of dance and creative movement. 


Our teaching staff is selected based on their technical skill and ability to educate children ages 2 through adult.  They are all at least 18 years of age and demonstrate a level of maturity that is expected of one who is teaching any age student.


Our receptionists are friendly and helpful, ready to answer questions or willing to seek out an answer if one is not readily available.  There will always be a receptionist on duty during normal business hours.


Our directors take a hands on approach to the studio.  They are both teachers and receptionists, and are highly visible to the customers.  They are willing to listen to any suggestions and help with any problems that may come up during the year.


We expect everyone in the studio (dancers, parents, teachers, receptionists, and directors) to treat each other with respect.  Disrespectful words and/or behaviors will not be tolerated.  Part of being a respectful student is coming to class on time, appropriately dressed and ready to learn.  Being a respectful teacher is listening to any concerns of the parent/student and trying to resolve them in accordance with studio policy. 


We hope you enjoy being a part of Expressions Dance Academy.  We strive to be everything you hope for in a dance studio!

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